• The Balsamic Moon phase is one of rejuvenation.

    It’s a time to look into the deepest parts of ourselves, our communities, our societies. Balsamic Moon Productions has answered the call to tell stories that sustain and inspire. Stories that shine hope. Stories filled with aha moments. Stories that leave hope in their wake.


    This is the heart behind Balsamic Moon Productions!

  • Jamie Weil - CEO

    Though I’ve found filmmaking late in life, it should have been obvious that this was B-roll running through the entire time. I scooped popcorn into buckets for viewers at the Gateway Cinema in Anderson, California at 16. As an English Major at UCLA, I read and wrote thousands of written stories. I worked part-time as a (Spoiler Alert!) Super-Secret Checker in movie theaters where I pretended to be a patron then filled out reports for money. For the past 23 years, my husband and I have filled our weekly date nights with movies. Recently, I taught a film class at the Center for Spiritual Living where I am a licensed practitioner. As a published writer of biographies, the stories I find most interesting are the true ones or those inspired by true events. These are the books I write. These are the stories I want to tell visually.

    Now, filmmaking moves to the main plot line of my story. In this journey, I have fallen in love with telling stories yet another way, and it's been transformational.

  • Projects

    "A Crazy Thought"


    A Crazy Thought will re-language the conversation surrounding children’s mental health from one of hopelessness and not-enough to one of hope, inspiration, and recovery. By listening to stories of those that have moved through their dark nights and emerged on the other end—or are still in the beginning/middle of their journey—viewers will reform a vision for the ones they love. By learning about cutting-edge discoveries by the world's brightest scientists, viewers will find new hope. Simply by seeing we are all in this together, the viewer will move from isolation to harnessing the power of community in shifting this landscape.

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